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PTLevel: Modernizing the Liquid Storage Industry.


We’re excited to finally have a permanent solution to the question that rural homeowners have been asking for decades. How do you check the water level in a cistern? The PTLevel is a wireless device that allows you to monitor your well or cisterns level information from anywhere and on any device. PTLevel was created by Mike VanMaaren and his business partner Mike Vandebeld at ParemTech, based out of Wainfleet, ON. 

Why The PTLevel Was Created.

The idea for the PTLevel stemmed from Mike’s time doing water delivery for farmers and rural homeowners. People would often guess how much water they needed, and pay for deliveries that weren’t necessary. Sometimes ordering thousands of gallons of excess water that couldn’t fit into their cistern. The result was huge overpayment from customers and time that Mike could have spent more efficiently.

The problem quickly became clear.

Homeowners didn’t have an easy and accurate way to check how much water they had. The most accurate method most had was the stick method, or simply guessing. Once Mike’s customers started telling him this problem time and time again, he decided to find a solution, and the PTLevel was born. The PTLevel completely eliminates the need for complicated calculations while trying to figure out how many litres of water are in your cistern tank.

What Makes the PTLevel so easy.

The team at ParemTech designed the PTLevel with one major goal, to bring the convenience of city life to the country. Tons of great features make the PTLevel a must-have for your existing cisterns, or as an added feature to a new cistern purchase.

  • Monitor your liquid level on any device with their app.
  • Setup alerts at any point by SMS or email.
  • View your usage history over time to see how you’ve been saving on water, or see when your delivery company delivered.
  • Share your level easily with your delivery company.
  • Know the level accurately and order your water when actually needed. Greatly reducing overpayment on water and delivery charges.

All of these features combine to create an elegant solution to a problem shared by every cistern owner. How to know the water level in a cistern? Whether you’re new to having a cistern, new to the country, or simply require your cistern for everyday use, the PTLevel will save you time, effort, and money.

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How you can get yours.

At Ontario Agra, we’re proud to offer the PTLevel both in-store and online. We’re excited to make the PTLevel the first product that can be purchased through our new e-commerce website, with flat-rate national shipping.

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