How to Easily Install a Bulkhead

Installing a bulkhead is the most common way to create a customized inlet or outlet on your liquid storage tank. Bulkheads are fast and easy to install, offer a range of sizes, and create a highly customizable solution for your water tank needs.

How to install a bulkhead
How to install a bulkhead
How to install a bulkhead
How to install a bulkhead

Bulkhead Installation in Five Easy Steps

  1. Choose the bulkhead placement on your tank. Some tanks will have a flat or designated area for bulkhead installation. If you’re installing your bulkhead on a rounded surface, try to keep the size of your bulkhead as small as possible to create the best possible seal with your tank.
  2. Select your bulkhead and the matching hole saw bit. In this case we selected a 2″ bulkhead.
  3. Drill the hole for the bulkhead. When drilling into plastic, we recommend drilling in reverse, so that it is gentler on the plastic and reduces the risk of damage to the tank.
  4. Push the male threaded end of the bulkhead through the hole from the inside of the tank.
  5. Thread and tighten the female end of the bulkhead from the outside of the tank until secure.
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Once your bulkhead is installed you can add other fittings to meet your needs. Such as male or female threaded ends for hoses, reducers to match any diameter, barbed fittings with clamps, and more. You can find all of the bulkheads and fittings you need in store at Ontario Agra 5377 Elcho Road, Wellandport, ON. You can also call or email our team for advice on your specific project.

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