Planning Your Horizontal Tank Purchase

Purchasing a liquid storage tank for your rural home, farm, or business is unlikely to be a frequent purchase. That’s why we want to make sure you have all of the resources needed to make a confident and educated purchase decision. 

Below you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions we get from our customers regarding Horizontal Tanks.

Why choose a Horizontal Tank?

Horizontal Tanks are available in multiple shapes, including free-standing with moulded in legs, round – requiring a metal stand, and lower profile elliptical with moulded in legs. Horizontal tanks are designed with thicker walls and a lower center of gravity that make it the tank of choice for mobile applications. Most commonly, they’re used in the back of a truck, on a flatbed trailer for towing on a farm, or for water delivery vehicles. If you’re looking for a stationary tank, Vertical Liquid Storage Tanks may be the better option for you.

Truck Mount Water Tanks

What are the size options?

We’ve prepared this simple chart below to cover all of the free standing and elliptical tanks we offer at Ontario Agra. You can also download them as a PDF here.

PART NO.CapacityWeight (LBS)Dimensions (Inches)
FS0035-1835 Gallon1618 x 34
FS0055-2355 Gallon2223 x 34 x 27
FS0065-2465 Gallon3324 x 39
FS0070-2470 Gallon Stackable3724 x 39
FS0125-32125 Gallon5432 x 44
FS0165-32165 Gallon7232 x 54
FS0225-38225 Gallon8738 x 52
FS0325-38325 Gallon10838 x 72
FS0335-44335 Gallon11844 x 56
FS0510-57510 Gallon ELLIPTICAL16457 x 80 x 39
FS0535-48535 Gallon18648 x 78
FS0735-48735 Gallon*25248 x 103
FS0925-DW925 Gallon*29262 x 81
FS1005-481005 Gallon*34248 x 130
FS1035-781035 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*29278 x 90 x 52
FS1065-56W1065 Gallon*34256 x 105
FS1300-DW1300 Gallon*42762 x 114
FS1610-781610 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*53078 x 139 x 56
FS1750-62W1750 Gallon*61662 x 147
FS1800-2W1800 Gallon*58062 x 149
FS1850-781850 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*57178 x 139 x 63
FS2350-882350 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*92088 x 146 x 63
FS2600-2W2600 Gallon*85062 x 212
FS2750-882750 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*115088 x 146 x 70
FS3250-883250 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*120888 x 146 x 79
FS3750-883750 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*142288 x 146 x 91
FS4200-924200 Gallon ELLIPTICAL164892 x 195 x 80
FS4250-884250 Gallon ELLIPTICAL*161788 x 146 x 101
FSxxxx-W = Without Sump * = Hoops Required   

Which tank is (likely) best for your needs?

Depending on the purpose of your tank, you may have different considerations. The obvious being size, where pickup trucks will tend to have smaller tanks, farmers and water delivery trucks will likely end up with tanks in the 2000 USG to 4000 USG range. 

Towing capacity is a major consideration. You want to ensure the vehicle is capable of consistently hauling your tank once it is full.

As a basic example, water weighs 8.34lbs or 3.785 kgs per US Gallon, and an average pickup truck bed is 72” x 60”. This means the FS0335-44, a 335 US Gallon Free Standing Horizontal Tank measuring 44″ x 44″ x 56”, with a weight of 118 lbs would easily fit in the back of most trucks. However, once that tank is full it will hold 2793.9 lbs or 1267.98 kgs or water, making the total weight 2911.9 lbs. As an example, the Ford F150 regular bed truck is rated for 2900 lbs. That means that this water tank alone would require this truck bed to be at capacity every time it’s being used.

The bottom line with weight is to understand your vehicle, trailer, or flatbed capacity and take it into consideration when choosing your tank.

What chemicals can I store in Ace Roto-Mold liquid storage tanks?

The most accurate resource for this is the Chemical Resistance Data Chart on pages 21-23 of this pdf. This will determine if the chemical to be stored is compatible with polyethylene. If this resistance data does not list the chemical you intend to store in the tank, contact the chemical manufacturer for recommendations regarding storage in polyethylene tanks. The most common uses of these tanks include fertilizer for farms, oils or petroleum, and water. 

Availability, lead time, and delivery options.

We do our best to have the entire range of Horizontal Tanks listed above in stock and available in our yard at all times. If we have your desired tank in stock, we can deliver it throughout Southern Ontario within a few days, or throughout Canada within about a week. If we need to order it from the manufacturer, this can take between 2-6 weeks, depending on which tank. You can call or email our team to get a custom quote, or request a custom freight quote online at checkout. 


No matter how experienced you are with horizontal tanks, we’ve got the products, resources, and knowledge to help you feel confident throughout your purchase journey.  Call or email us today for help.

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