Culverts and Drainage

CSP, HDPE & Concrete Box culverts available for pickup or delivery. We’re here to help farmers, contractors, or homeowners.

CSP Culvert

CSP Culvert Stack
Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) offers the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and performance.

HDPE Culvert

HDPE Culvert
BOSS 2000 is a dual-wall corrugated HDPE with a smooth inner wall, ranging from diameters of 100mm to 1500mm.

Farm & Forestry Culvert

Farm & Forestry Culvert
BOSS 2000 HDPE Culvert is also available in 210 kPa pipe stiffness for applications where CSA certification is not required.

Concrete Box Culvert

Concrete Box Culvert
Concrete Box Culverts manufactured with stacked top and bottom boxes, designed for increased flow.


4" Subdrain Rolls
Solid, Perforated and Perf Socked in stock. Offering rolls from 100′ through 2,100′ for farmers, contractors, and homeowners.

Telephone Pole Culvert

HDPE Culvert is also available in 210 kPa pipe stiffness. Used for vertical installation while setting and securing telephone poles.

Couplers & Fittings

CSP Couplers
HDPE & CSP couplers, fittings, and accessories. Including soil tight couplers, tees, wyes, elbows, manholes, catch-basins and more.

Stormwater Chambers

Stormwater Storage Chamber Installed
Stormwater storage chambers capture and store stormwater in underground chambers. Meets or exceeds ASTM/CSA standards.

Plastic Catch Basins

Plastic Catch Basin
Catch Basins capture and manage runoff water with multiple drain line connections. For residential or municipal applications.

Culvert Flares

CSP Culvert Flare
Flared culvert ends transition from the culvert to the environment. Improving flow and improving appearance.

Concrete Catch Basins

Concrete Catch Basins for stormwater collection. Available in 2’x2’x4′. OPSD 705.010, 705.020, 705.030, 705.040.
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