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Your Authorized Topcon Dealer, Ontario Agra strives to bring you unparalleled service that come hand-in-hand with great prices that will keep your crew moving everyday.

Topcon RL-H5A

Topcon RL H5A
Buy Online | $1,650.00
TOPCON RL-H5A is a horizontal laser with manual slope. Includes:
• RL-H5A Grade Laser
• Self-leveling
• LS-80 Receiver
• Rechargeable Battery

Topcon RL-SV1S

Buy Online | $2,995.00
TOPCON RL-SV1S is a single slope laser. Includes:
• RL-SV1S Single Slope Laser w/remote control
• Grade Level self levelling
• LS-100D Receiver
• Rechargeable Battery

Topcon RL-SV2S

Topcon SV2S
Buy Online | $3,595.00
TOPCON RL-SV2S is a dual slope laser. Includes:
• RL-SV2S Dual Slope Laser w/remote control
• Grade Level self leveling
• LS-100D Receiver (LS80A pictured)
• Rechargeable Battery

Topcon RL-H5B

Topcon RL-H5B
Buy Online | $1,155.00
TOPCON RL-H5B is Topcon’s most cost-effective laser. Self leveling, includes the LS-80 Receiver.

Laser Level Tripods

Laser Level Tripods
Buy Online | $145.00
A simple and reliable aluminum laser level tripod. Works perfectly with our TopCon Lasers, or similar laser levels.

Dual Grade Rods

16’ Aluminum Dual Grade Rod
Buy Online | $89.00
Perfect for use with construction laser and optical surveying tools. Lightweight and expands up to 16′.

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