Landscape Materials

Offering a range of soil, mulch, and stone aggregates for pickup or delivery between Haldimand, Stoney Creek, and the Niagara Region. Bulk aggregates are perfect for contractors, landscapers, or homeowners and are available in as little as one yard.

Landscaping Mulches & Soils


Mulch Colour Options
Buy Online | $48.50 / Yard
Available in natural pine, brown, black and red mulch. Delivered to Haldimand, Burlington, and the Niagara Region. 

Triple Mix

Triple Mix Soil close up
Buy Online | $65.00 / Yard
A premium mix of manure, compost, loam, and bark fines. Excellent for flower and vegetable gardens.

Garden Blend

Double Screened Garden Blend
Buy Online | $50.00 / Yard
A mix of compost with bark fines, sandy loam and native topsoil. Ideal for starting or improving your garden.

Lawn Blend

Premium Screened Lawn Blend
Buy Online | $50.00 / Yard
Perfect for repairing your lawn, seeding, or laying sod.

Play Sand

Play Sand
Buy Online | $50.00 / Yard
Play sand is perfect for backyards or public spaces.

Grass Seed

Grass Seed
Available in store only.
A range of bulk grass seeds for homeowners and farmers.


Firewood Delivery
One year dried firewood. Includes a mix of hickory, oak, and ash. Wood is 16” long, split, and ready to burn.

Stone – Decorative and Basic


Buy Online | $40.00 / Yard
Stone Screening is used for finishing and levelling interlocking brick, patio slabs, or to between flat stones and slabs. 

3/4″ Crush/Gran A

3/4 crushed stone
Buy Online | $39.00 / Yard
3/4″ Crush/Gran A is used as a drainage base for weeping tile, driveways & more. Natural crushed stone ¾” in diameter.

3/4″ Clear

clear stone
Buy Online | $45.00 / Yard
3/4″ Clear is a limestone gravel used for drainage such as drainage backfill, under concrete, cement, or asphalt.

Gabion Stone

Buy Online | $55.00 / Yard
Gabion stone is used as the fill material for gabion baskets. Stones range from 4″-8″. Used for ground stabilization and retaining walls.

Armour Stone

Armour Stone
Available in skids and full truckloads.
A wide variety of Armor Stone can be seen in our yard. Full truckloads are available. Delivery throughout Ontario.

3/8″ HPB Chip Stone

HPB Chip Stone
Buy Online | $40.00 / Yard
3/8” High-Performance Bedding (HPB) Chip Stone can be used for all of the same landscaping projects as screening.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel
Buy Online | $75.00 / Yard
Pea gravel is used for walkways, patios, and high-traffic areas, as well as underground projects.

River Rock

1-3 River Rock
Buy Online | $80.00 / Yard
River Rocks can be used for the construction creek beds, lining your pond, & other water features. 1″ – 3″ in size.

3″-5″ Round Stone

3-5 River Rock
Buy Online | $80.00 / Yard
River Rocks can be used for the construction creek beds, lining your pond, & other water features. 3″ – 5″ in size.
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