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Backyard Landscaping

Explore great tools and equipment to help make your next backyard project a success. Shop online or in store.

French Drains

French Drain Installation
Offering all of the supplies required for French Drain installation, including geotextile (landscape fabric), subdrain, and stone.

Landscape Fabric

Woven Landscape Fabric
Woven landscape fabric is commonly used by homeowners for weed control, gardening, walkways, and backyard landscaping.

Sewer Pipe

Gasketed Sewer Pipe
PVC solid sewer pipe is used for the collection of waste and stormwater from domestic sources. Sold by the piece or in bulk.

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel
RTS 50-Gallon ECO Rain Barrel, measuring 19 X 24X 34 inches and 22lbs. Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene.


Pro-Series Wheelbarrow
The Pro-Series Wheelbarrow features a 6 CU.FT Poly tray, flat-free tire, and steel frame. Designed for the toughest of conditions.


Garant Shovels
Garant offers high quality industrial grade tools. Ideal for digging holes, planting trees & shrubs, digging up roots, and dividing perennials.


Garant Stone Rake
Get high-quality rakes with double-back tempered steel head. Designed for professionals looking for reliable and efficient tools.


Firewood Delivery
One year dried firewood. Includes a mix of hickory, oak, and ash. Wood is 16” long, split, and ready to burn.

Plastic Catch Basins

Plastic Catch Basin
Catch Basins capture and manage runoff water with multiple drain line connections. For residential or municipal applications.
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