Ontario Agra is proud to provide the containment and erosion control industries with the highest quality Woven and Non-Woven Geotextiles available for drainage filtration, soil separation and reinforcement needs. Available in varying strength and thicknesses, our geotextiles help improve the performance of environmental engineering, civil engineering, and construction projects. They work to restrict soil particles while allowing liquid and gases to easily pass through, providing the perfect balance of functionality for a wide range of applications and needs.

Our #1 recommendation is non-woven geotextile, which we refer to as Agratex. Benefits can be found below.
  1. Provides long-term strength and durability performance.
  2. Extends road and railway life.
  3. Cost-effective environmental alternative to traditional construction materials.
  4. Prevents soil erosion.

Filtration functions to restrict the migration of fine soil particles from a soil mass while remaining permeable to water movement greater than, or at least equivalent to the permeability of the protected soil.

Water is conveyed along the path of the geotextile, and then to an outlet. Water may be vertically or horizontally conveyed. Drainage is related to the role of filtration, and is a function of the permeability of a geotextile and its pore opening size or porometry.

Separation is the function which prevents two distinct soils of different materials from intermixing. The key factors for a geotextile to satisfy this function are porometry, toughness and strength.

This function involves the stabilization of a soil mass by provision of tensile strength to the soil-fabric system.


For municipal work or large projects requiring a custom quote, please contact (905) 386-1744 x1.

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