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CSP Culvert


CSP Culvert is a pipe manufactured from pre-coated steel coil, corrugated and formed into pipe. Coatings include galvanized steel, aluminized steel type 2, and a polymer-laminated coating. Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) is the material of choice because it offers the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and performance. Manufactured to CSA Standard G401.

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Not sure which culvert is best for your job? Learn more about what you need to know when shopping for culverts, where we explore some of our most frequently asked culvert questions. For municipal work or large projects requiring a custom quote, please contact (905) 386-1744 x1 or submit a tender request.

Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) is the material of choice because it offers the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and performance. It will not crack under impact loads or vibrations due to the inherent strength of steel and the flexibility of the corrugated pipe section. The high ring compression of the pipe absorbs and transfers the load to the surrounding soil around the entire circumference. The beam strength maintains the grade and line of the structure by bridging inequalities of the trench bottom and side fill.

The characteristics below ensure that the conduit has a superior ability to maintain the hydraulic properties and capacity for which it was designed.

  • Economical, strong, lightweight and easy to install.
  • Variety of sizes, thicknesses and materials.
  • Complete line of standard and specialized fittings and accessories.
  • Available in Round or Pipe Arch Profiles.
  • Can be used to reline existing systems.
  • Full engineering support and field service.
  • Manufactured to CSA Standard G401.


Z610 Galvanized steel is the standard finish for all CSP and performs well in low-abrasion conditions. This continuous galvanized coating is applied under strict quality control procedures to provide excellent bonding to the steel. Its hotdip-zinc coating is reactive to water environments and is positively affected by higher levels of Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 (hardness) in the water, which can actually increase service life as calcium is attracted to the galvanized surface and forms an additional protective mineral scale. Galvanized coatings have proven their performance through many years of field application. Many Canadian sites have relatively neutral conditions and the galvanized zinc coating is sufficient. An environmental assessment will help to confirm this.

Aluminized Type 2

For more corrosive environments, Aluminized Type 2 coating offers the superior corrosion resistance and surface characteristics of aluminum with the strength and economy of steel. In this process, a commercially pure aluminum coating is uniformly applied to both sides of the steel, forming a strong bond between the metals. A hard aluminum-iron alloy layer, just below the aluminum coating, provides further protection. Aluminized Type 2 CSP can provide a 75-year service life in a low-abrasion environment with pH between 5 and 9 and resistivity above 1,500 ohm-cm. CaCO3 (hardness) levels do not affect service life.


Polymer Laminate is a tough, heavy-gauge film that is laminated to both sides of galvanized steel to produce a corrosion and abrasion barrier for the most aggressive environments. Thick Polymer Laminate is engineered to bond chemically and physically to galvanized steel to become an integral part of the galvanized surface that resists delamination, even under harsh conditions. Experienced Polymer laminators have been coating galvanized steel for over 40 years to create CSP that outlasts and outperforms concrete pipe and other materials in test after test. Polymer-Laminated CSP will stand up to aggressive conditions with high concentrations of acids and alkalis to extend the environmental limits and life expectancies of where traditional galvanized CSP can be used. It performs well in both corrosive and moderate abrasion environments and provides a service life beyond 100 years if pH is between 5 and 9 and resistivity is above 1500 ohm-cm. Service life is not affected by the CaCO3 (hardness) level of water.

To learn more about proper installation guidelines, view this Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute (CSPI) installation manual.

The CSPI is the association of Canadian corrugated steel pipe (CSP) manufacturers. An impartial organization that works with manufacturers, engineers, and municipalities around the world to gather data and information. Making CSPI the essential information resource for water and soil management in Canada.

Still searching for the correct culvert? View the rest of our culvert options here. You can also view our CSP Culvert frequently asked questions.

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*Always check with your municipal requirements prior to installation.

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