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Unique Ways to Use Culverts

Over the last few years we’ve had the pleasure of helping people find creative solutions to their projects. HDPE and CSP Culverts are two of the most diverse items we see being used today. We’ve seen it all, from backyard fun for kids, to creative and economic problem solving, or even landscaping. Check out some of these ideas below that can help save you time and money on your next job!

Raised Garden Beds

Home gardening has gown immensely over the past few years, and all signs point to even greater growth for 2023. Raised beds are often more productive than beds in the ground because the soil is less compacted, has better drainage, and warms earlier in the spring, meaning that plants will start to grow earlier in the season. Additionally, they’re a great option for people with limited growing space, or those who find it challenging to work directly in the ground. 

CSP Culverts make for stylish and durable containers for your garden, with no assembly required.

Fire Pits

There are a few great ways to use a CSP culvert to create a backyard fire pit. From burying it in-ground and surrounding the area with stone, to an above ground fire surrounded by bricks, or even left exposed as culvert. This is a safe way to contain your backyard campfire for many years to come.

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Sump Basin

The sump pit (also known as sump, sump basin, or sump well) is a water collection hole in the floor of your basement or crawlspace. It is very common for homes in areas that get regular rain-fall or have high water tables. Using a CSP or HDPE Culvert allows you to create a very deep sump basin for a fraction of the cost. Check out this video tutorial below.

Backyard Slides

If you’re looking for a DIY slide for your kids, an HDPE Culvert with a smooth interior is a great choice! We’ve seen it all, from use on a playset, down a hill, or even into a pool! They can also be cut in half horizontally to create twice the length with a single pipe.

No matter what your next home project may be, it’s important to explore fun and creative ways to get the most of your space. There’s never an idea to unusual for us, so when the time comes, remember to include us in your planning!

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