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The Impact of Weather and How Erosion & Sediment Control Can Help

biaxial geogrid

This winter has been one of the most unusually mild winters we can remember. It’s been a blessing in many ways by reducing shut down time for many industries and allowing for projects to continue through winter months that aren’t normally possible. This mild weather, along with an increased amount of rainfall can have adverse effects on the land as we move into spring.

What is Erosion & Sediment Control?

Erosion & Sediment Control techniques are designed to protect an exposed soil surface while preventing or reducing the release of sediment into environmentally sensitive areas, and promoting re-vegetation as soon as possible. This includes reducing soil erosion caused by rain, water and wind, or protecting waterways from the inevitable build-up of silt, sediment or debris from nearby construction sites.

How does the weather impact sediment control?

The unusual short term weather and climate changes we are experiencing throughout Ontario this winter can increase the likelihood and severity of erosion.  Resulting in greater amounts of sediment washing into rivers, lakes and streams.

Stronger storms, higher river levels, and faster stream velocity can accelerate erosion. Leading to an increased amount of suspended sediment (turbidity) in water bodies which can negatively affect ecosystem health. The impacts from changing levels of erosion and sedimentation threaten fish, invertebrates and aquatic vegetation. Increased sediment and erosion can also affect water quality and availability of drinking water sources and increase the need for water treatment. 

The increased amount of rainfall raises the importance of properly using Erosion & Sediment control techniques.

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What are the types of Erosion & Sediment Control Solutions?

Prevention and reduction of erosion is significantly easier than repairing the damage that is caused by soil erosion. That’s why planning ahead and applying the correct type of Erosion & Sediment Control is a critical step for your next project. Below are some of the solutions available at Ontario Agra.

  1. Geogrid
    •  A geogrid is geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils and similar materials.
    • Commonly used for soil reinforcement applications such as retaining walls, steepened slopes, bridge abutments, and embankments.
  2. Woven + Non-Woven Geotextile
    • Geotextiles are used for soil filtration, drainage, separation, and reinforcement.
    • Cost-effective environmental alternative to traditional construction materials.
    • Prevents soil erosion.
  3. Gabion Baskets
    • Gabion Baskets are also used for erosion control for bank stabilization, channel linings, and weirs.
    • Ideal where a retaining structure is required which is also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. 
    • Permeable, allowing environmental growth and preservation.
  4. Armour Stone
    • Armour stone is a natural quarry stone. 
    • Durable and erosion resistant.
    • Used as a retaining wall.
  5. Turf Reinforcement Mat
    • Designed for use on critical slopes and channels requiring permanent erosion control and turf reinforcement.
    • Available in polypropylene, polypropylene/coconut, & polypropylene/straw.
  6. Straw Wattle
    • Elongated tube of compacted straw and/or other fibers wrapped in UV stabilized degradable tubular polypropylene plastic netting.
    • Used for temporary erosion and sediment control applications.
    • Designed to allow runoff/water to penetrate through the fiber while reducing sediment migration.
  7. Turbidity Curtain
    • A geosynthetic barrier made with high strength geotextile or vinyl fabric, equipped with a heavy- duty float and ballast weight chain system that suspends the curtain in the water.
    • Works as a shield to protect aquatic ecosystems by stopping solid particles from going into aquatic environments.

Which Erosion & Sediment Control Techniques are best for your project?

You can find full details for all of these solutions on our Erosion & Sediment Control page and download product brochures for further information. If you have questions for a specific project our team is always available via phone at (905)-386-1744 or email at to help with your research and make customized recommendations. 

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