Erosion and Sediment Control


Erosion and sedimentation are naturally occurring processes of loosening and transport of soil through the action of wind, water or ice.

These processes may result in an adverse impact on the environment. Such as affecting our water supply, damage to adjacent land, or degradation of aquatic habitat.

Erosion and sediment control techniques are practices that are designed to protect an exposed soil surface. While preventing or reducing the release of sediment to environmentally sensitive areas, while promoting re-vegetation as soon as possible.

At Ontario Agra, we offer a wide range of products to assist with any erosion and sediment control issues including:
  1. Silt Fence
  2. Armormax
  3. Fabric Formed Concrete Armour
  4. Erosion Control Blanket
  5. Turf Reinforcement Mat
  6. Straw Wattle
  7. Turbidity Curtain

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