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Ontario Agra cares about protecting the environment. Erosion & Sediment Control is an important part of how we can contribute. Erosion & Sediment Control techniques are designed to protect an exposed soil surface while preventing or reducing the release of sediment to environmentally sensitive areas, and promoting re-vegetation as soon as possible.

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Erosion and sedimentation are naturally occurring processes of loosening and transport of soil through the action of wind, water or ice.

These processes may result in an adverse impact on the environment. Such as affecting our water supply, damage to adjacent land, or degradation of aquatic habitat.

Erosion and sediment control techniques are practices that are designed to protect an exposed soil surface. While preventing or reducing the release of sediment to environmentally sensitive areas, while promoting re-vegetation as soon as possible.

At Ontario Agra, we offer a wide range of products to assist with any erosion and sediment control issues including:

  • A temporary sediment control device made of geotextile stretched between a series of wooden stakes.
  • Geotextile is manufactured with UV stabilized, high tenacity polypropylene yarns woven to form a dimensionally stable network.
  • Protect waterways from sediment & silt contamination.
  • Used For: Along perimeters of construction sites, Below the toe or down slope of exposed and erodible slopes, Along streams and channels, Around temporary spoil areas and stockpiles, Below other small cleared areas.

  • Flexible and durable armoring system featuring PYRAMAT® woven three-dimensional High Performance Turf
    Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) with X3® fiber technology and Engineered Earth Anchors (EEAs).
  • Designed for severe erosion and surficial slope stability challenges.
  • Suited for arid and semi-arid environments where vegetation densities of less than 30% coverage are anticipated.
  • Securely anchors to the subgrade for long-term design life.
  • Withstands extreme hydraulic stresses and resists non-hydraulic damage.
  • Used For: Slopes, Levees, Arid/semi-arid stormwater channels, Canals, Stream and river banks.

  • Slightly dimpled double-wall woven nylon geotextile resembling pocket-like forms pumped with a water rich cement mixture.
  • Forms are placed, sewn together with hand held sewing machines then filled.
  • Cured cement is encased within fabric creating a final product that is as strong as reinforced concrete.
  • Used For: Slope revetments, Landfill containment systems, Holding ponds, Bridge scour repair, Bridge or dock piling reinforcement.

  • Made of various degradable materials, such as straw and coconut, mechanically stitch- bonded to a polypropylene or biodegradable netting structure.
  • Supplied in easy to install rolls.
  • Used For: Short-term: mild slope and channel applications requiring erosion control for up to 12 months depending on moisture, light, and environmental conditions. Extended-term: extreme slope and channel applications requiring erosion control for up to 36 months depending on moisture, light, and environmental conditions.

  • A permanent, non-degradable, three dimensional matting structure formed of vegetative growth and synthetic materials.
  • Designed for use on critical slopes and channels requiring permanent erosion control and turf reinforcement.
  • Available in polypropylene, polypropylene/coconut, & polypropylene/straw.
  • Supplied in easy to install rolls.
  • Used For: Steep slopes, Drainage ditches and channels, Irrigation and storm water ponds, Levees, dams, & dikes. Agricultural applications. Environmental applications.

  • Elongated tube of compacted straw and/or other fibers wrapped in UV stabilized degradable tubular polypropylene plastic netting.
  • Used for temporary erosion and sediment control applications.
  • Designed to allow runoff/water to penetrate through the fiber while reducing sediment migration.
  • Functional longevity is approximately 6-24 months, depending on moisture, light, and environmental conditions.
  • Available in 12, 9 or 6 inch diameter.
  • Used For: Along the contours or at the base of a slope to help reduce soil erosion and retain sediment. Around catch basin inlets.

  • A geosynthetic barrier made with high strength geotextile or vinyl fabric, equipped with a heavy- duty float and ballast weight chain system that suspends the curtain in the water.
  • Works as a shield to protect aquatic ecosystems by stopping solid particles from going into aquatic environments.
  • Gives silt and sediment time to settle instead of flowing into other parts of the body of water.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes.
  • Used For: Waterways near construction sites.

  • A combination of grass seeds, mulch, water, fertilizer, and more that is spread on bare ground to quickly grow grass and prevent soil erosion.
  • More efficient than traditional seeding.
  • More uniform look than laying sod or traditional seeding.

Find out more about our selection of ESC products by downloading our brochure! Still searching for the correct geosynthetic? View the rest of our geosynthetic options here.

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