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Concrete Septic Tanks


Concrete Septic Tanks offer great durability, strength, environmental resistance, and minimal ongoing maintenance throughout its 40-year lifespan.

Delivery is available between Brantford, Haldimand, Hamilton, and Niagara.

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Concrete septic tanks allow you to bury the tank much farther down in the ground than poly tanks allow. Great for heavy clay areas.

Septic Tanks start at 800 GAL without a built-in pump chamber or 960 GAL with a chamber.

Risers and accessories are available.

You can find a thorough breakdown of the Ontario building code, calculation tools, and more on our blog post How to Calculate the Right Size Septic Tank! Below is a condensed version with some of the basics to help you get started.

House Size: As a general rule, your square footage can be a guide to help you assess what size septic tank you need. The minimum requirement in Ontario is 3,600L (950 USG). A 1,000 USG Poly Septic Tanks can service houses up to 1,500 square feet.
House Occupancy Rate: Simply put, the number of people living in your home will influence your septic tank needs. The average person produces an estimated 150 Litres (40 USG) of wastewater daily. A family of two will manage with a much smaller tank than a family of 5.
Additional Wastewater Producers: If your property has any additional features that produce wastewater, be sure to include them in your calculations so that your septic system can be maintained efficiently. Some examples are additional toilets, bathrooms, showers, multiple kitchens or multi-unit houses, hot tubs and pools.

Properly installing your Poly Septic Tank will minimize the risk of future complications or damage. Below are some of the considerations to review prior to installation.

Authorization: You must have a permit to install a septic tank on your property. Improper installation can reduce underground water quality and create a health hazard to those who use it.
Soil Type: Your leach field needs to be composed of soil that will effectively drain your treated sewage. High amounts of gravel and sand will drain better than soil containing large amounts of clay. If your soil is too dense to efficiently drain, it could lead to a blockage of your septic system.
Landscaping: Avoid installing your Poly Septic Tank near your home, trees, or any other significant obstructions to avoid causing damage to your drainage pipes, or even the tank itself. The septic tank should be at least 5 feet from such structures, and its lid should always be secure.

Poly Septic Tanks should be emptied at least once every 3-5 years. This is a great way to maintain the health of your septic system while ensuring your tank doesn’t overflow. Overflowing or leaking can cause environmental damage and pollution.

There are five easy indications that your septic tank is reaching capacity.

  1. If your drains or toilet are slow to empty when used.
  2. You’ll start to notice bad odours in your drains, toilets, or around your yard. As the tank fills, the space for gases inside your septic tank is reduced, causing a sewage smell.
  3. Your yard above the septic tank will be more vibrant and lush than other areas on your property. Excess waste can create fertilizer for your lawn but can become unsafe and hazardous quite quickly.
  4. Mucky or standing water on your property, specifically near your septic tank. This indicates that the septic tank is overwhelmed and may be approaching a sewage backup.
  5. Finally, the worst-case scenario is a sewage backup into your home. As expected, this can create an emergency situation and costly repairs to your home and septic system.

Both Concrete and Poly Septic Tanks have advantages and disadvantages. Below you’ll find some of the comparisons that can help make the best decision for your needs.

Durability: Concrete Septic Tanks tend to be much more durable than Poly Septic Tanks. This is specifically in regards to the weight that they can handle on top of them.

Environmental Resistance: Concrete Septic Tanks are less susceptible to changing soil conditions, growing tree routes, compaction, or other factors.

Maintenance: Based on the factors above, Concrete Septic Tanks can require less ongoing maintenance than Poly Septic Tanks.

Cost: Concrete Septic Tanks cost more to purchase and install than Poly Septic Tanks.

Installation: Concrete is heavier and less maneuverable than plastic which leads to longer installation using heavy machinery.

Corrosion: Unlike Poly Septic Tanks, concrete tanks may corrode over time or begin cracking with age. Proper maintenance can help reduce the risk of these issues.

Still searching for the correct cistern or septic tank? View the rest of our tank options here. You can also view Concrete Septic Tank frequently asked questions.

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*Always check with your municipal requirements prior to installation.

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