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Designed for permanent sub-grade installation, Poly Cistern Tanks are used for bulk storage or collection of potable water and are designed for below-ground level installations. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. Tanks are FDA-approved for potable water and are manufactured for the containment of liquids up to 1.7 specific gravity. Available in 325 GAL to 1700 GAL. Ready for pick up or delivery.

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A cistern tank is primarily used for storing water in rural areas where potable water isn’t available through municipal services. They’re also used as an alternative to well water, which can experience issues with inconsistent yield, or poor groundwater quality. Designed for permanent sub-grade installation, poly (plastic) cistern tanks are perfect for many applications. Available in 325 GAL to 1700 GAL. Poly Cistern Tanks are intended for bulk storage or collection of potable water and designed for below-ground level installations. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and feature a trapezoidal, deep rib design. Our cistern tanks are FDA-approved for potable water and are manufactured for the containment of liquids up to 1.7 specific gravity.

If used efficiently, cistern owners will still consume an average of approximately 30 gallons daily per person. Using this math, a family of four being conservative with their water will use an average of 120 gallons daily, or 3600 gallons monthly.

Our largest option is a 1700 Gallon Poly Cistern Tank or a 2500 Gallon Low Profile Aquifer Cistern. These tanks would be refilled by a water delivery truck approximately every 10-20 days for a family of four. Depending on your water usage, number of people in your household, and if you have a secondary water source such as rainwater collection, you may be able to use a smaller tank. Water can become stale if stored for too long, so having it filled frequently will create a more enjoyable experience.


PART NO. CISTERN TANKS Weight Dimensions
AST-0325-1W 325 Gallon 134 54×56
AST-0525-1W 525 Gallon 194 63×74
AST-0850-1W 850 Gallon 259 60x70x60
AST-1150-1W 1150 Gallon 414 60x101x60
AST-1450-1W 1450 Gallon 473 58x118x72
AST-1700-1W 1700 Gallon 567 58x137x72

Durability: Both concrete and poly cisterns have excellent durability when used in the correct conditions. Factors such as soil type and backfilling material are important aspects of your purchase decision.

Lifespan: Cisterns can last 30 years or more when given proper ongoing maintenance.

Cost: Concrete cisterns cost more to purchase and install than poly cistern tanks.

Installation: Concrete is heavier and less maneuverable than plastic which leads to longer installation using heavy machinery.

Corrosion: Unlike poly cistern tanks, concrete tanks may corrode over time or begin cracking with age. Proper maintenance can help reduce the risk of these issues.

Low Profile Aquifer – Manufactured with the same materials as poly cisterns, but designed with a shorter height for areas where digging is less of an option. These are frequently used for storing water under permanent trailers or places with shallow rocks such as Northern Ontario.

There are some traditional methods available of measuring the water level of a cistern tank, however, they tend to be much less accurate that modern technological options. The stick method consists of dipping a long stick or pole into your tank to see how deep the water level is. Others simply guess based on time and familiarity with their usage.

Our recommendation would be the PTLevel which can accurately measure your water level and be tracked on your phone. This allows to you access real-time measurements, and order the exact quantity of water you need.


Still searching for the correct cistern or septic tank? View the rest of our tank options here. You can also view Poly Cistern frequently asked questions.

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*Always check with your municipal requirements prior to installation.

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