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Check out our blog on the different types of pumps and their uses to help you find the perfect pump for your project.

Sump pumps are most commonly used in basements and crawl spaces. They’re designed to move water from the lowest point in your home through a discharge line and away from your property. The sump pump sits inside a sump basin, sometimes called a sump pit, which is a hole carved below the surface level. When the water level inside the sump basin increases, the sensors on the sump pump are activated, emptying the sump basin.

Having a sump pump is crucial to minimize the risk of flooding, water damage, and mould development. This is especially beneficial during heavy storms, where flood risk increases, and in finished basements where water can damage flooring, carpets, drywall, or furniture.

Effluent pumps are used when grey water needs to be moved against gravity in order to reach your septic system or leach field. A common example would be a home with a washing machine or laundry tub in the basement. An effluent pump would be required in this situation because the grey water needs to move vertically against gravity before it can tie into the homes drainage lines. If all of your home's grey water sits above your leach field, you may not require an effluent pump in your home.

Sewage pumps offer a similar function to effluent pumps, however they are designed to handle solids and sewage materials up to 2” in diameter. Effluent pumps are intended to process a minimal amount of solids, and no more than ½” in diameter. A sewage pump is most commonly installed to process wastewater coming from basement bathrooms. Like effluent pumps, they’re installed when gravity cannot do the job. 

Sewage pumps can also have built-in grinders, which help reduce the size of solids passing through your sewage system.

Jet pumps, also referred to as well pumps, use suction to draw potable water from your well. They’re designed to create enough water pressure for houses, cottages, or irrigation systems.

There are two basic types of jet pumps, shallow well jet pumps and deep well jet pumps. As you may expect based on their names, the depth of your well will determine which pump is right for you. Shallow well jet pumps are designed to work up to 25 feet, while deep well jet pumps can function up to a depth of 200 feet.

Other important factors for selecting your jet pump would be the static level of your well and the recovery rate, which is usually measured in gallons per minute. Most wells will have a rating plate installed documenting this information for you.

Solvent Weld SCH 40 PVC Pipe is used for residential, commercial, & industrial plumbing systems and pressure applications. Available from 1.25” – 24”.

Solvent Weld SCH 40 PVC Pipe is used for residential, commercial, & industrial plumbing systems and pressure applications. Available from 1.25” – 16”.

ABS Pipe is an economical choice for use underground, interior drains, waste, and vent piping systems. ABS pipe is also used in sewer systems for drainage and as electrical insulation. Pipes connect using ABS solvent cement.


Still searching for the correct drainage solution? View the rest of our pump and plumbing options here. You can also view our Sewer Pipe frequently asked questions.

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