Delivery & Installation Guide – 6000 Gallon Two-Piece Concrete Cistern

Cistern Assembly

We’ve put together the video below to summarize the basic steps to expect when receiving a concrete cistern tank delivery. This would also apply to concrete septic tank deliveries.


This concrete septic tank was purchased, delivered, and installed through Ontario Agra Piping & Supplies in Wellandport Ontario. If you’re looking for advice, we can be reached at (905) 386-1744 or


You can also view our Concrete Cistern Tank FAQs for additional information. 

Step 1 – Excavate your space in advance.

We recommend leaving extra space. It’s easier to do additional backfill after installation than require additional last-minute excavation during delivery. We will provide the specs and space requirements prior to delivery. We can also provide excavation services if needed. 


Step 2 – Secure the cistern and lift it into place.

In this case, the 6000-gallon concrete cistern tank arrived in two pieces. It’s lifted into place using a Palfinger Knuckle Boom Crane.


Step 3 – Precision placement.

Lower the concrete cistern tank until it is a few inches above the ground. Once near the ground, have a team member help maneuver the concrete cistern tank to be exactly where you want it, then set it down. Once down, it can be released from the crane.


Step 4 – Apply 665 Green ConSeal.

Prior to placing the top half of the cistern, apply 665 Green ConSeal (or similar) to the edge of the bottom half to create a perfect seal and prepare the bond between the top and bottom pieces of the cistern.


Step 5 – Bring in the top half of the cistern.

Using the Boom Crane, bring the top half of the concrete cistern into place, slowing as you approach the final few inches. Allow your team to safely approach the bottom half of the cistern tank to guide your approach.


Step 6 – Carefully align and place pieces.

Have two or more team members stand on opposite sides of the concrete cistern tank and ensure that all four corners are flush. Slowly place the top once ready. The 665 Green ConSeal will help to absorb the impact and create the perfect bond between the top and bottom halves.


Step 7 – Release the tank

Celebrate a job well done with the crew, and move on to the next.


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