Ontario Agra and Bluewater Pipe: Family businesses helping farmers throughout the Niagara Region.

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In order to help Ontario farmers remain profitable for the long term, we’re continuing to research and share our findings regarding how to maximize crop yield and profitability through modern subdrain technology. By connecting with Soleno and Bluewater Pipe we were able to learn about their technological improvements to create a better quality product. We also spoke with a local subdrain installation expert to understand the mindset of farmers in 2022, and what matters most to them in the future. We hope this article can provide additional farm drainage information for long-term benefit. 


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Original article published in the June 2022 Niagara Farmers Monthly.

Ontario Agra Piping & Supplies is the exclusive distributor of Bluewater Pipe throughout the Niagara Region. If you’re a farmer or homeowner who has struggled with drainage challenges in the past, Bluewater Pipe is the solution you’ve been looking for. 


If you’re unfamiliar with Bluewater Pipe or the company’s position in the drainage industry, here’s what you need to know. Bluewater Pipe is now a part of the Soleno Group. As a family owned and family-minded business, Bluewater Pipe was a perfect fit to integrate into the Soleno group. Tony Kime of Bluewater Pipe built his business by focusing on family values, working hand in hand with your neighbours, and staying true to your word.  

Soleno’s focus on keeping itself at the forefront of the drainage industry’s technological advancement was the driving force for the partnership with kindred enterprise Bluewater Pipe. 
Sharing a deeply rooted background in the field of agricultural drainage for more than 60 years, the two companies joined forces to better serve farmers in Southwestern Ontario. Soleno and Bluewater Pipe now form a single entity able to carry on the legacy of quality and trustworthiness associated with both their names. A perfect fit for Niagara’s drainage leader Ontario Agra Piping & Supplies.
Drainage pipes come in a variety of sizes starting from 4”. They can be doublewalled, perforated solid or in filter cloth. Bluewater Pipe offers a large range of drainage products and pipes, allowing you to create the most effective combination according to the granulometric analysis of your soil. 

Kyle Wasylin, Sales Manager for Ontario Agra Piping & Supplies feels that “We’re positioned to become the go-to spot for all drainage projects, helping our customers achieve much better long term profitability.
We can help farmers by advising them on significant advances in technology and helping them understand how their drainage installation can improve their crop. 
We’ll be educating our customers and taking on these projects directly. It’s the big focus for us moving forward, and it’s an exciting time for farmers and contractors in the Niagara Region.”
Partnering with local family businesses is something that Ontario Agra has always prioritized. You can find a range of local products at Ontario Agra. Such as the PTLevel – locally owned & operated in Wellandport, or Wurth Canada tools & accessories, based out of Guelph, and many more.
Ken's Excavating Subdrain Install

Ken Hessels, owner of Ken's Excavating, installing Bluewater Pipe for a farmer early last month. May through July is peak subdrain installation season for Ken and his team.

We connected with Ken Hessels, owner of Ken’s Excavating in Wellandport, to learn about the benefits of proper drainage that he’s experienced throughout farms in the Niagara Region.


Ken’s been working with farmers his entire life, and has noticed a major shift in the motivation for farmers to invest in proper drainage. “Our fathers used drainage just to get water out of their fields, now we use drainage for increased production.”


Increased yield is the number one reason for farmers to invest in close-drainage systems.  It’s clear to Ken that farmers understand both the need for proper drainage, and the long term payoff for their investment. Farmers have told Ken they’ve seen a 10 – 20% increase in crop yield after investing in proper drainage.


Being fully licensed through OMAFRA and a member of LICO in since 2015, Ken’s main focus is providing efficient drainage solutions for farmers so that they can get the best potential from their land.


It’s clear that both Ken’s Excavating and Bluewater Pipe are modernizing the drainage industry to support farmers for long term success.


The summer months are the perfect time for farmers to review, plan, and install drainage improvements for their land. If you’d like to learn more about Bluewater Pipe and Ontario Agra Piping & Supplies, we’d recommend visiting 5377 Elcho Rd, Wellandport, or Ontario Agra also offers delivery throughout Niagara and beyond.


“Whether you’re an existing client or simply in a bind to get tile last minute, we’ve got the pieces in stock to help you get the job done.” says Kyle Wasylin.

You can also reach Kyle at 905-386-1744 or

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