Stop Smelling Sewer Gas in Your Basement

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Why do I smell sewer gas coming from my basement?

There are two main reasons why you may smell sewer gas coming from your basement. The first possibility is that the P trap is dry. This can occur when there is no fixture supplying water to the trap (typically the laundry tub), allowing sewer gas to pass through the trap and out the floor drain. An inefficient recommendation is to run a trap seal primer from the bottom of the laundry tap to the P trap; this requires breaking open the floor, running a 3/8″ line, and drilling into the side of the trap. The second reason you may smell sewer gas coming from your basement is if there is no P trap at all.

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The best solution in both cases is to use a product called a Trap Guard. Trap Guard is installed in your floor drain and allows water drain while stopping the sewer gas from coming up. This works by using a soft rubber tube that is curled to create an airtight seal in the floor drain. When water goes down the floor drain it causes the tube to temporarily uncurl until the water stops, at which point it curls back up to create an airtight seal.

Trap Guard

By solving this problem with a Trap Guard a homeowner can completely eliminate the need for construction or additional plumbing. Saving thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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